Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Raising Strong and Confident Daughters

Being a mom is hard work.  Harder than I ever expected.  But like they say, the joy that comes with it can't be compared.  It's the most rewarding thing I've ever done and continue to do. I feel like my job as a mom has just begun, which is terrifying in a way! But as a mom I think often of ways I can help teach, guide, and show our girls how amazing, strong and what it truly means to be confident.  What a job right?

We all could contribute different ways, ideas, and experiences we have had to share about raising strong children. And I love that! Because I don't know it all, I don't have all the answers.  And that is ok.  I want my girls to know that life is about figuring it out as you go sometimes. Things that may come easy for one may be challenging for the other.  That they teach me daily how to grow and learn. 

Being strong for me could have a different meaning for you.  Just like Olivia will be strong in many ways and so will Millie. And my goal is not only to have them focus on how they are strong, and not to compare, but to also be proud of themselves at the same time cheer others on for their strength.  As we all know in life, during difficult times, it's usually those around us who have other areas of strength that lift us up, cheer us on, and have just the perfect thing to say to keep us going. 

We have this discussion a lot in our home. "You can do this". "Believe in yourself" "How do you feel and don't worry about what everyone else thinks". Some times with many tears, as someone has hurt our feelings, said something cruel, made a judgment etc.  And it won't be the last.  But I KNOW that each time our girls will become a little stronger from the things they experience.  Teaching them that to be confident means to hold their heads high, know the power they have as girls, women, and one day as moms.  They are daughters of God who loves them more than they can comprehend.  I hope  they get a glimpse into how much he loves them because I know that feeling and peace will help carry them during times of their life.  Our girls I hope know that being confident means to stand up for what's right, look for others who need love/kindness and not be afraid to show it and act on it. Be "the one" who isn't afraid to do what's right. Also I hope they truly know that they can accomplish anything they put theirs hearts into, believe they can, have passion for it, and work for it.  

I loved this message with these women and having the opportunity to share this with them and their daughters. It was such a good reminder of the good examples my daughters can have all around them in others girls and their moms!  The women behind Michele - A Mumsy Blog, Sandy - Sandyalamode, and Sarah - Our life is beautiful are such great examples of this. It was a pleasure working with them and seeing them in action doing the most important job as being moms. Also I would love for you to take a look at Luminosity Photos for these beautiful moments Rachel captured.  (heaven knows I only have a few pictures of my girls, wink wink). And these darling dresses all the girls wore from Hum Stitchery, and this rug that we all gasped over from Blue Salvage.

 Looking around that room that day, I left feeling so much love and empowerment.  Although this job to be a moms is at times challenging, it doesn't mean I can't do it.  I have a hard time giving myself compliments but one thing I am proud of and I will always be, is how hard we worked for these girls to come into our family.  If I can teach them anything in life is to never give up.  And that means being strong and confident when you feel like everything in the world around may be telling you different.  Never giving up on what they desire, want, believe, and trust...... and that is to me is what being strong and confident is. 

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