Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A bedroom update and easy DIY

It's been a while since I dusted off the old tool belt and got to work.  I miss it and I've been wanting to do this project for a while.  So while my husband was gone away on business it seemed like the perfect time to make a disaster of our room, and clean it up just in time for him to come home.  

When I told him about what I had in mind for our room makeover I promised him I wouldn't have anything pink in our room.  If you've seen our home, I LOVE PINK! Having a house full of girls, we love pink, the man deserved one room without it.  

Our home has an excellent view of the lake and mountains behind our home and I love the early morning daylight we get with our windows. So I wanted to add some elements to the room to emphasize this.  Adding some trim around our windows was much easier than I expected it to be.  I found several options of ideas on Pinterest and settled on this to match our moldings around our doors.  I added a thicker molding at the top to give some height to the room because our ceilings aren't that tall.   

I also decided we need some quick art to go above our bed.  This sign cost me $7 and I drew the XOXO with the tip of my paint brush. I was pretty proud of myself because I can't even draw stick figures. I personally love the unique and imperfect lines of this. 

The problem now is getting our girls to think this isn't their room and they they have comfy beds of there own.   

I started with the trim basically heading to my local Home Depot and purchasing the following materials for each window.  I would recommend doing more than one window at a time to save some potential cost on materials.
 - 1x2 (measurement for top two pieces)   
-  1x4 (measurement for two side lengths and bottom)
-  1x6 (measurement for lip of window sill and top trim piece)
-  Brad nails
-  Wood screws 
-  Hammer 
-  Trim caulk 
-  Paint 
-  Jigsaw or skill saw
I started on the window sill first. You will measure from the inside to inside and then add 5 inches to each side (or more/less if you would like) for the lip on the outer edges.  
Once you ha

ve your first 1x6 piece nailed into your window you will then measure the sides for the 1x4 pieces to go on both sides.  Measure from the bottom (which will be were your new wood has been added) to the top of your window.  Don't go past the top of the window as your top trim will be added here next.

Then you will take your small 1x2 piece and measure it the same length as your bottom piece of your window (I added 5 inches on each side) to give the dimension of the large trim at the top.  You will make 2 of those cuts, one for bottom and one for top.  You will add the last 1x6 piece of wood in between.  I had to nail my nails in at an angle to get them to stay for the 1x2 pieces.  

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